Anything Is Possible: How to Achieve Your “Impossible” Goals

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” – Richard Branson

In the vast landscape of human potential, the internal belief that “Anything is possible” is often the catalyst for boundless opportunities and extraordinary achievements.

Today, we unveil how and when I truly realized that anything is possible and share ten invaluable insights to guide you on your journey to overcoming seemingly impossible goals. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and empowered with tools to realize your aspirations. 

Identifying That Impossible Goal

When competing in the Boston Marathon in 2019, I started to wonder how I would ever finish the race. Battling cramps and unpredictable weather, I thought back to a few guys I met before we began. These fellow competitors told me of the extreme conditions they trained in and about their future aspirations, and I could never put into words the inspiration I gained from that. 

In that moment, it dawned on me that mental strength always has the power to triumph over physical barriers. With newfound determination, I finished the marathon and set a seemingly impossible goal—to complete an Ironman triathlon by year-end.

At that pivotal point in 2019, I identified my impossible goal and decided I would achieve it, no matter what. 

With that being said, take a moment and think about a goal that may feel impossible to you. Here are a few examples: 

  • Make $100,000 next year (currently making $40,000 annually)
  • Lose 100 pounds (currently weigh 260 pounds)
  • Run a marathon (currently not a runner)

At this moment, your brain may tell you your goal is impossible. But everything feels impossible until we do it. Realizing you can do it is the first step!

How I Made the “Impossible” a Reality

I don’t think I’m special—far from it. I’m just a normal guy, but I believe we are all capable of much more than we realize. So many people say, “I can’t,” but if they believe in themselves and commit, they can do it. It doesn’t matter who you are—it’s about getting your mind right.

Let’s jump back to my decision to complete the Ironman (whose motto is, ironically, “Anything is Possible”) before the end of 2019. When I got home after the Boston Marathon, I joined various online groups to learn as much as possible about the Ironman.

The last race of the season that I could do was only six months away down in Florida. If I didn’t make that race, I’d have to wait a year. That wasn’t an option for me, but six months wasn’t enough time to prepare. 

If I could pull this off, I needed a coach. Facing skepticism from the coaches I contacted, I persisted. Eventually, Shirley and another coach who believed in me joined my journey. 

The training was rough; the lessons were hard, but the payoff? Absolutely worth it!

Discover more about how I accomplished my first Ironman in my book, “Thriving in the Storm: Nine Principles to Overcome Any Adversity.”

Expert Tips for Achieving Your “Impossible” Goal

Having delved into the journey of my crazy Ironman goal and how I accomplished it, let’s explore my “Anything is possible” tip list below.

Choose just one “impossible” goal to focus on at a time. 

Pursuing the Ironman in 2019 taught me the power of undivided attention. Imagine what would have happened if I tried to train for an Ironman and learn a new sport simultaneously. Concentrating on just one big goal, I channeled my energy and resources, setting myself up for success.

Work hard—like really hard. 

Let go of the excuses and determine ahead of time that accomplishing this goal isn’t going to be easy. If it were easy, everyone would run marathons or increase their income by $60,000. Decide now that you will do the work, no matter how hard it gets.

Let your brain freak out (for a little while). 

Embrace the initial resistance and excuses that flood your mind. Write them down to analyze and process them. Acknowledging and understanding these thoughts is essential to overcoming them.

Don’t play the comparison game. 

Resist the urge to compare your progress with others. Every journey is unique, and focusing on how you’re changing is more constructive than measuring yourself against someone else. Recognize your growth and celebrate your victories.

Know that some failure is going to come. 

Embrace the setbacks as stepping stones to success. Achieving the impossible demands bold actions, and failure is often part of the process. Develop a “failure plan” outlining how you will rebound and persevere, turning each setback into a valuable lesson.

Declare, declare, declare. 

Affirm your commitment to your goal by vocalizing it. Tell yourself you will accomplish it, reinforcing the belief that anything is possible. Journaling and repeating positive mantras enhance self-affirmation, creating a powerful internal dialogue that propels you forward.

Relax when you’re supposed to relax. 

Recognize the importance of rest in your journey. Constantly pushing yourself can lead to burnout. Take breaks to recharge, refocus, and remind yourself of the significance of your goal. This relaxation time is a strategic pause that strengthens your resolve and keeps you aligned with your objectives.

Get an accountability partner or coach. 

Seek support from someone who understands your ambitions. An accountability partner or coach provides guidance, encouragement, and a valuable perspective when the road feels daunting. Shared experiences and insights make the journey more manageable.

Try to make your goal time-bound. 

Attach a timeframe to your impossible goal for added accountability. For example, set a specific deadline, such as “I will increase my income by $60,000 by the end of 2024.” This time-bound structure creates a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused on your all-important task.

Remember your why. 

Reconnect with the initial motivation behind your impossible goal. If you aim to lose a substantial amount of weight, reflect on why that goal holds significance for you. Reminding yourself of the deeper purpose strengthens your resolve and sustains your passion to overcome challenges.

Remember: Anything is Possible

When doubt creeps in, remember that your mind is tricking you. You can achieve anything you set your sights on with dedication, hard work, and unwavering focus. The realm of possibilities is limitless.

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